Sunday, February 3, 2008

Falling for the M.D. by Marie Ferrarella

Falling for the M.D. is the first book in the Wilder Family Continuity series. We meet Dr. Peter Wilder who must now fill the shoes that his father had at the Walnut River General Hospital and with his brother and sisters. Peter is convinced that a conglomerate taking over the hospital is not in its best interest while Bethany Holloway is determined that the take over is the right choice. Peter learns of his father's secret and hasn't decided if and how to tell his siblings the news.

While we learn about Bethany and her history, the focus is on Peter. The secondary story of the hospital takeover allows for an interesting look at healthcare while not having it overshadow the romance between Peter and Bethany.

Ferrarella does an excellent job in drawing the reader into the series and sets up the story focusing on Peter's sister, Ella.

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