Friday, February 29, 2008

A Mistress for the Taking by Annie West

A Mistress for the Taking by Annie West (published in the States as a Harlequin Presents and in Australia as Sexy) is about Marina Lucchesi who finds out that Ronan Carlisle can help settle a score with Charlie Wakefield and get control of her family business back. Marina isn't sure if she's over her head in pretending to be Ronan's mistress.

This story of revenge takes on more as Marina falls in love with Ronan. We see both points of view although we delve further into Marina's feelings. We don't learn all of his secrets until we are almost done with the book.

I enjoyed watching Marina go from ugly duckling to gorgeous swan and that isn't what attracts Ronan to her. He saw the inner strength.

As with Harlequin Presents we get a "glimpse" of life of the rich and famous. This book is part of the "Mistress to a Millionaire" series.

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February tally
- 18 (1 SE, 4 RS, 1 Blaze, 2 HP(M&B Sexy), 4 M&B Sexy Sensation, 2 M&B Sweet, 1 M&B Medical, 3 S)
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