Monday, February 25, 2008

The Stolen Princess by Anne Gracie

The Stolen Princess by Anne Gracie which is the start of her Devil Riders' series is a wonderful romance following Gabriel Renfrew, a younger son of an earl and former soldier, and Callie, a runaway princess.

Callie has run away from her deceased husband's country with their son Nicky. Someone in their court is out to kill Nicky and Callie flees to England. She is left on the coast to fend for them when Gabe finds her. Callie wants the freedom to make her own choices and does not want to fall in love. Gabe doesn't think he'll find love but is blindsided by Callie.

Anne has written a wonderful novel. Callie is a strong heroine who wants what is best for herself and Nicky. Historicals are not my normal fare but this book was picked out by my romance reading group. I tend to overlook this time period but Anne's writing has me rethinking my reading habits. I definitely want to follow Gabe's fellow Devil Riders in their stories.

4 out of 5

February tally
- 8 (1 SE, 1 RS, 1 Blaze, 1 HP(M&B Sexy), 1M&B Sexy Sensation, 3 S)
Non- Harlequin - 1
Sub - Total - 9

January tally
- 11
Non- Harlequin -2
Sub-Total - 13

Total -22

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