Monday, February 25, 2008

The French Doctor's Midwife Bride

The French Doctor's Midwife Bride by Fiona Lowe takes place in the coastal town of Amaroo where Charlotte runs the community midwife program through the local hospital. Xavier has come to the hospital and given the task of getting the hospital in fiscal shape. Unfortunately this means looking very closely at Charlie's baby - the community midwife program.

Both Xavier and Charlie agree that there can be no relationship between the two of them. Charlie works hard to show Xavier how important her program is to the community. Their work together brings out the chemistry but can Xavier and Charlie overcome their individual past histories with love.

We see a lovely slice of small community life along the coast. Can Xavier and Charlie work beyond their past? Another new author added to my list this month.

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February tally
- 17 (1 SE, 4 RS, 1 Blaze, 1 HP(M&B Sexy), 3 M&B Sexy Sensation, 2 M&B Sweet, 1 M&B Medical, 3 S)
Non- Harlequin - 1
Sub - Total - 17

January tally
- 11
Non- Harlequin -2
Sub-Total - 13

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