Monday, February 25, 2008

Top-Secret Bride by Nina Bruhns

Top-Secret Bride by Nina Bruhns continues the mystery haunting the Lazlo Group in the Mission: Impassioned continuity series. Lazlo Group agent DeWitt has immediate chemistry with Marina Bond.

Marina and DeWitt work inside the diamond trade to find more clues to who is killing Lazlo Group agents. I enjoyed Witt's determination to get close to Marina and find out how far their chemistry ran. Marina's assertion that she can handle the work by herself makes it very interesting as someone is aiming for one of them.

We learn that deception runs deep and the Lazlo Group continues to be the target. Bruhns writes a great romantic suspense and I continue to look forward to her next books. (Please note this book goes before Bulletproof Marriage - I blogged them backwards.)

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February tally
- 10 (1 SE, 3 RS, 1 Blaze, 1 HP(M&B Sexy), 1M&B Sexy Sensation, 3 S)
Non- Harlequin - 1
Sub - Total - 11

January tally
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Sub-Total - 13

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