Monday, February 25, 2008

Strictly Legal by Kate Hardy

Strictly Legal by Kate Hardy is a wonderful contemporary about a very unlikely couple. Leo Ballantyne is a lawyer (barrister) who wants to be QC (Queen's Counsel) and has no time to be involved with Rose with her bohemian lifestyle.

Both Rose and Leo agree there can be no future between the two of them because they are too different. While they may not see a future together, they have chemistry that neither of them can ignore. Still living under the stain of accusation of dealing with stolen property, Rose likes her life as a market stall seller of period clothing and part museum work. She doesn't want to become involved with a workaholic who is serious and stait-laced. Leo can't see Rose fitting in with his plans to move up the ladder but what Rose and Leo have together grows into love. The question is can love overcome their differences?

This was renamed Mistress on Trial when released as in the States. I'm not sure why the need to rename the book. I think the title Strictly Legal is better. Hardy has become an author who I now look for within the Harlequin lines.

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