Friday, February 8, 2008

Expecting His Love-Child by Carol Marinelli

Expecting His Love-Child takes place in Melbourne and involves Millie who had a wonderful last night fling with Levander Kolovsky. There evening had the unexpected result of a baby and Millie returns to Melbourne to find herself the center of attention.

I picked up the book because it takes place in Melbourne and backcover blurb despite the title. Levander is an interesting complex character with a rough background growing up in Russia. He is now part of the elite in Melbourne when confronted with the headlines that Millie is expecting his child. Millie is a struggling artist who is very much out of her league dealing with the rich and famous.

While the plot held my attention, the descriptions were a tad too flowery for me. I felt Millie while an likable heroine a tad naive and way out her element to deal with such a powerful hero. I enjoyed the places that Marinelli had her characters visit.

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