Sunday, February 10, 2008

Overload by Linda Howard

Overload by Linda Howard is part of a three book compilation, Summer Sizzles '93 (also published several other ways and separately.) The background is a widespread blackout that leaves Elizabeth Majors and Tom Quinlan alone in a locked office building. This gives Tom time to find out way Elizabeth ran from their relationship 6 months earlier.

Ninety-five percent of the book the focus is on Elizabeth and Tom with no other characters in the scene. Howard does a great job of following their story with POVs from both characters. While there is a hint of what Elizabeth is hiding in not wanting a relationship with Tom, when she tells her story you are sympathetic to her reasons for needing space.

I loved the bio that is included at the end of the story. That was as much fun to read as the book.

(I debated about blogging this as a book or part of a novella but I noticed that it has been sold as a solo book.)

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