Monday, February 25, 2008

Cold Case Cop by Mary Burton

Cold Case Cop by Mary Burton is an interesting romantic suspense opening a cold case. Tara, a reporter, works with Alex who is one of the lead detectives to open the case of a socialite who disappeared on her wedding day.

Tara wants to look in the the disappearance of Kit on the day of her wedding. Lots of blood but no body or jewelry was found. Tara finds her reporter skills won't get her into Boston's elite places but Alex can. Unfortunately this fact puts Alex on the do not get involved list.

Alex and Tara were wonderful characters. I found myself very taken with Tara and her quest to find out what really happened. I enjoyed the mystery as well as the romance.

4 of 5

February tally
- 12 (1 SE, 4 RS, 1 Blaze, 1 HP(M&B Sexy), 2 M&B Sexy Sensation, 3 S)
Non- Harlequin - 1
Sub - Total - 13

January tally
- 11
Non- Harlequin -2
Sub-Total - 13

Total -26

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