Monday, February 25, 2008

Falling for the Frenchman by Claire Baxter

Falling for the Frenchman by Claire Baxter is a contemporary that takes place in Barossa Valley in Australia. Beth needs to fight for her position in Lowland Wines when Pierre Laroche comes to look at her management for the winery's new owners, L'Alliance.

Pierre and Beth met when Beth was visiting Pierre's family vineyard in France years ago. They separated under hurt feelings on both sides. Now Pierre is trying to make Beth see that the new ideas would not be that bad while Beth doesn't want to compromise her father's ideals in how Lowland Wines is run.

This gentle romance is wonderfully told. We get a glimpse at the hardships in running a family own winery with a second chance romance in the making.

This is another new author for me who I will be keeping an eye out for her books and may look up some of her backlist.

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