Friday, February 8, 2008

One Night, One Baby by Kate Hardy

One Night, One Baby by Kate Hardy follows Jane who on a whim snaps a picture of a tall dark stranger, Mitch Holland. Jane spends the day and night with Mitch with no strings attached to make up for everyone forgetting her twenty-fifth birthday. While attraction sizzles between Jane and Mitch, they realize that they are very different. Jane wants stability while Mitch thrives on the chase.

Several weeks later Jane realizes that her day of fun has turned her life upside down with a baby. Now Jane and Mitch must see if their divergent lifestyles can mesh to become one. Mitch is hunted by echoes of a past pregnancy and regrets.

Jane's support group of her flatmates hadn't forgotten Jane's day but had a surprise party planned but the birthday girl never showed up. Following Mitch's struggle to deal with Jane's pregnancy was heart wrenching at times. Hardy did a fantastic job of letting us see both Jane's and Mitch's struggle to find happiness.

This was a delightful find. I picked this book up because of the backcover blurb and wasn't disappointed.

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