Monday, March 31, 2008

Thunderstruck by Roxanne St. Claire

Thunderstruck by Roxanne St. Claire is in the Harlequin NASCAR line. We follow Mick Churchil, football star from the UK, and Shelby Jackson, part owner of the family-owned race team. Shelby wants nothing to do with the help that Mick could bring the cash strapped team and Mick is under orders not to get close to Shelby.

We get a snippet of what Daytona is like from inside the track. Shelby is a strong woman and an understanding of NASCAR that she feels Mick will never match. Mick can bring about positive change to Thunder Racing. We learn about family devotion and watch these two strong people fall in love with Daytona the backdrop.

4 of 5

March tally

- 6 (3 Mira, 1 SIM, 1 M&B Sweet, 1 NASCAR)
Non- Harlequin -8

Sub - Total -14

January/Febuary tally
- 31
Non- Harlequin -3
Sub-Total - 34

Total -48

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