Monday, March 31, 2008

The Perfect Kiss by Anne Gracie

The Perfect Kiss by Anne Gracie is Grace Mathew's story as she tries to help a childhood from from entering into a loveless marriage to Dominic Wolfe. Grace wants a life of travel but postpones her plans to pose as her friend's chaperone.

Dominic wants nothing to do with Grace's friend but is definitely intrigued by Greystoke aka Grace. Sparks definitely fly between Grace and Dominic.

This was the last of the books about the Merridew sisters but one does not need to have read the earlier books. This book was is a 2008 RITA finalists. I can see why.

4 of 5

March tally

- 4 (3 Mira, 1 SIM)
Non- Harlequin -8

Sub - Total -12

January/Febuary tally
- 31
Non- Harlequin -3
Sub-Total - 34

Total -46

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