Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare

Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare - Tessa Novak, an investigative reporter, is an eyewitness to a crime and sees Julian Darcangelo who she assumes is involved in the murder. Julian is involved but not in the manner as Tessa believes. He is an undercover FBI agent following a killer that has haunted him for the past three years.

Julian is a dark and angsted character that can't believe how Tessa is getting under skin and making realize that being alone and having that "white picket fence" could be in his future. Tessa uses her journalistic skills to learn more about that murder she witnessed. Her investigation could put Julian at risk and definitely is putting her in the front of killers.

One reason I enjoy series is seeing past characters and Clare doesn't disappoint. We get to see Kara and Reece again. Their appearance isn't forced but part of the story. Clare's romantic suspense books have definitely become an autobuy for me.

4 out of 5

March tally
Non- Harlequin - 3
Sub - Total -3

January/Febuary tally
- 31
Non- Harlequin -3
Sub-Total - 34

Total -37

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