Monday, March 31, 2008

Feeling the Heat by Rhonda Nelson

Feeling the Heat by Rhonda Nelson is a fun story following Georgia Hart, a wedding planner, trying to track down her mother's engagement ring that her ex-boyfriend stole from her. Linc Stone who is a bounty hunter has been assigned to help Georgia find the boyfriend and ring.

Sparks fly as Georgia tries to fit in with Linc's world. He calls her "Trouble" and she has a very different nickname for him. This was a fun read as we watch commitment phobe Linc fall hard for Georgia. What will he do for love?

4 of 5

March tally

- 8 (3 Mira, 1 SIM, 1 M&B Sweet, 1 NASCAR, 2 M&B Temptation)
Non- Harlequin -8

Sub - Total -16

January/Febuary tally
- 31
Non- Harlequin -3
Sub-Total - 34

Total -50

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