Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Remains of the Dead by Wendy Roberts

The Remains of the Dead is the first book in the new series Ghost Dusters Myestery series by Wendy Roberts. We meet Sadie and her employee Zack who have a very unusual job - to clean up crime scenes after the police are finished with the area. Sadie's ability to speak to the dead while cleaning up from their deaths adds another dimension. Sadie meets Trudy Toth who seems to believe her husband, Grant, is innocent of the murder-suicide that the police have concluded in their report.

What a wonderful debut novel. There is a mix humor in this suspense filled story. Someone doesn't want Sadie investigating Trudy's claim of her husband's innocence.

We are introduced to several characters who I hope we'll see more of in future books. Maeva also has the ability to speak to the dead but she makes her living with her abilities while Sadie unique talent is only known to a few. Zack Bowman, an ex-cop, was given a second chance when Sadie hired him. Hints of a future between Sadie and Zack are very subtle but aren't required in this mystery.

The twists to the solution of the murder kept me involved until the very end. Looking forward to more books in the series.

4.5 out of 5

January tally

Harlequins - 9 (3 SD, 2 SE, 1 Medical, 2 HQN, 1 Sexy Sensation)

Non- Harlequin -2

- 11

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