Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Millionaire to the Rescue by Ally Blake

Millionaire to the Rescue gives a glimpse of what it would be like to live in a fishbowl and have it grumble before your eyes. Brooke Findlay must rebuild her life after her famous wealthy husband leaves her with two young children and no money. Coming to Brooke's rescue is Daniel Finch, her husband's best friend.

Ally does a fantastic job of fitting many emotions into the HRomance format. She takes the reader through Brooke's journey to find that she is more than just a news headline or mom. Danny is a closet romantic. He tells Brooke he hasn't found the woman he wants to be the last woman he'll kiss.

Ally brings Brooke's two children to life. Beau and Lily are an intergral part of this love story. Nice touches like Lily needing a security blanket of a boa after her dad dies.

I enjoyed the tidbits about life around Melbourne including the evening picture on the back. I'm thrilled to have found writers from the Melbourne area while we are living here.

Wonderful read although I do wish HRomances were a tad longer.

4.5 out of 5

January tally

Harlequins - 10 (3 SD, 2 SE, 1 Medical, 2 HQN, 1 Sexy Sensation, 1 Rom.)

Non- Harlequin -2

- 12

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