Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Marriage Campaign by Michele Dunaway

The Marriage Campaign by Michele Dunaway follows Lisa Meyer who is a campaign fund-raiser and Mark Smith who could really help her candidate. Unfortunately Lisa and Mark have a history.

Mark is going on a campaign of his own as he wants to know more about Lisa and get her to relax with her workaholic ways. I enjoyed watching Lisa trying to find a balance of work and a personal life as she is bombarded by Mark's efforts to get past her defenses.

4 out of 5

April tally

Harlequins - 10 (4 SE, 2 Intrigue, 2 Superromance, 1 Desire, 1 M&B Sexy)
Non- Harlequin -2

Sub - Total -12

January-March tally
- 40
Non- Harlequin -13
Sub-Total - 53

Total -65

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Michele Dunaway said...


Thanks for reading The Marriage Campaign. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Cecile and Tori's stories follow in The Wedding Secret and Nine Months' Notice. My current release, out now, is The Marriage Recipe. Thanks again for choosing one of my books and happy reading!

Michele Dunaway