Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Man From Her Past by Anna Adams

The Man from Her Past by Anna Adams follows Cassie Warner's return home after traumatic events ended her marriage and she fled. Cassie return to help with her father whose health is failing. She is met by her former husband, Van Haddon. Van has never stopped loving Cassie but still is dealing with the violent crime of her rape.

Adams deals with the sensitive subject of recovery from a violent crime while giving us a sweet second chance romance. We sympathize with both Cassie and Van and can see how they needed space to heal.

4 out of 5

April tally

Harlequins - 6 (3 SE, 2 Intrigue, 1 Superromance)
Non- Harlequin -1

Sub - Total -7

January-March tally
- 40
Non- Harlequin -13
Sub-Total - 53

Total -60

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